Dudlow Drawing Board

SUDDENLY EVERYONE IS DRAWING! Which is great, because we could all do it when we were seven years old but somehow we got rusty. Here in the leafy Liverpool suburbs, veteran illustrator John Minnion runs a three-hour Tuesday afternoon session teaching people to improve their drawing.

PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS are all fair game for our pencils. Figures (with and without clothes) faces, fabrics, flowers, fields, dogs, doorways, rooftops, treetops, treetrunks – all on the agenda. If you fancy joining us, contact johnminnion@gmail.com

ARCHIVE: johnminnion.tumblr/archive

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Two more negative space pictures. This time the artist is William Heath Robinson (1872-1944). He was well-known for his comic drawings of absurdly complicated contraptions, but he was also a wonderful serious illustrator in both black and white and colour. He loved the work of Aubrey Beardsley, whom he called ‘Awfully Wierdly’.

The top picture is of Puck in Midsummer Nights Dream.


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